Saturday, July 25, 2009

Way Overdue

Well, I have returned to the world of blogging. Sorry I have taken over a week to update. Life has been so busy. So let's see, where to start.

First and foremost, Johanna and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary yesterday. We went to Fogo De Chos in downtown Baltimore. It was so cool. Not only was the food delicious but just the whole experience of eating there. I must have eaten like 1 1/2 pounds of meat. It was so good. The Ribs that I ate were almost as good as the ribs my dad makes. They melted as soon as you put them in your mouth. Johanna got a 12.00 cosmoplitan. So yeah, I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is looking for a nice date night. It is a little pricey. It was a little over 110.00 for us. But it is good.

Onto the diet front. I have been doing rather well with that. I have slacked off and did not go to the gym yesterday or today, I probably will not be able to go tomorrow but I will be going on Monday morning. When I went Thursday night, I got a little brave. After biking for 6 miles, I went over to the treadmill and walked for a 1/2 mile. Then I decided to try running. I ran for 1/2 mile on the treadmill at 5 MPH. I felt really good after that. I actually had sweat dripping down off of my eyebrows. WOW! So I got home and weighed myself on the Wii Fit. I have lost 5 pounds last week!! It is very encouraging. This weekend I was kind of bad, I know that the dinner was an anniversary thing, but we ordered Chinese tonight. Tomorrow my whole family is coming up to White Marsh for lunch. We are going to one of my favorite restuarants. I am planning on getting a salad. They have very good salads there.

Recently on facebook, I have been connecting with a lot of old friends. Some of whom are Christian and some of whom are not. It is very interesting and disheartening at the same time to hear how some of them have walked away from the Christian faith. I did that once for about 5 months. I had done some things I never thought I would have done. I stopped going to church, I stopped hanging out with friends of the faith and I stopped praying. Looking back on that time of my life, I still don't know how I did it. I don't know how I could have ever turned my back on God after all He did for me.

I was planning on using a Steven Curtis Chapman song here, but another one popped into my head. Third Day is one of those bands that you either love em or you really dislike them. I love them, my wife is the latter of the two. Their music has really spoken to me during some trials, especially some recent ones. One of the songs that makes me look back on that point in my life is "Run To You". Below are the lyrics:

I was tired of waiting
Playing all the games and
Living in a place that was not for me
So I thought it was time
For me to get what’s mine
And to do it all, everything I dreamed
What I thought was the best of me turned to be
All the worst I could find

If I run to you
Will you hold me in your arms forevermore
If I run to you
Will you hold me in your arms forevermore
Now I got a feeling
That I’ve got to leave and
Find a way back to where I came from

Though I don’t deserve it
I know it’s unheard but
Living here without you, my life is done
I confess that I shouldn’t have run from you
Now I know I was wrong

Nowhere to run to
And no one to turn to
I’m dying out here on my own
Long before I even thought of returning
Your arms are wide open
Waiting for me to come home

The second part of the second verse really hits me hard. How can we run from God? After all He has done for us, after all of the promises He gives us in His Word. He is always waiting there with open arms. If you ever feel like you have sinned beyond the point of forgiveness, remember, no sin is worse than another. Sure, we view it that murdering someone is 1000 times worse then simplying stealing a candy bar from 7-11. But remember, they are both the same in God's Eyes. No sin you commit can ever make God love you less then He already does.


  1. Good post Joe, and great job on the weight loss! 5 pounds in a week is pretty spectacular. I've heard the average for someone dieting and exercising is 1-2 per week, so you're doing phenomenally!

    P.S. I never get on Facebook, so I think you should post some pics of that (not so) fat baby of yours here!

  2. Nice song lyrics Joe ~ and good job on losing 5 pounds!
    I'm in the same boat as you - lunch at Red Brick Station will do me in....but back to better eating after that. You'll have to tell me which salads are good!