Thursday, July 2, 2009

Well, lots of stuff to update on.

Frist off, a while ago I had posted something about me going on a diet, well that has been a challenge. I can say that about a week ago, I stepped on our Wii Fit and found out I had lost 7 pounds. That was a big encouragement. That just proved to me that I can loose weight!

I really feel as if God has been talking to me the past couple of Sundays at church. For those who don't know, we go to Mountain Christian Church in Joppa MD. It is a very nice church. Jo and I love worshipping there. We are in the midst of a rebel with a cause series. 2 weeks ago, (Father's Day) Pastor Ben talked about being content with life. Now, I know that being content has always been hard for me. I have always wanted more or better then I have. New car, better home, new IPHONE, better job, more CD's, more children, etc. Well Ben said something that really hit me. God has me right where He wants me right now. I have all He feels I need right now. So it was at that point I decided that I was content. I have a car that runs, (It is still new), I have a roof over my head, I have a phone that calls people, even if it calls people when I don't want it too.

So that afternoon, I got my Father's Day gifts. Johanna had Elijah bring me my card that she made, (She makes all the cards we give out. So much better then Hallmark) Then Elijah handed me this little piece of paper. It was a coupon good for... wait for it.... wait for it.. a new iphone! I was so excited! So we went and picked it up that afternoon. My other Father's Day gift was going down to see my folks. I love my wife!

Then last Sunday, Ben talked about worry. He told us that if we worry, we are in a way saying that God is not in control. God always has our best interests in His heart. (Jer. 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord. Plans to prosper and not harm you, to give you a future and a hope) I have been holding onto that verse for some time now. Things are just starting to really fall into place in my life. I just need to keep leaning on God and knowing that He does have great things in store for me!

So there is my monthly update. I promise to try to update on a more consistent basis! Have a great 4th!

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  1. I'll be praying that you have victory in overcoming worry and that you find contentment daily!
    Love you Joe!